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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A blog...erm...yeah

Right... So I have a blog, I guess mostly to help me, and try and help out others who are trying to use solidworks, and like me a lot of the time, haven't got a bloody clue what they're doing. Clicking random buttons can only get you so far...

So where to start? Well, when I first acquired Solidworks 2010, I opened up a new document, clicked a few buttons, got nowhere fast, so resorted to the 'Help' section on the bar at the right of the default screen. If anyone else is at the stage of having absolutely no idea, I'd recommend doing the same, the tutorials are generally helpful, and should get you far enough to start designing basic stuff yourself. That's pretty much where I am, simple things, I can do, anything else tends to go tits up.

That'll do for a first post then, probably full of spelling mistakes, bits probably don't make sense, so if there's anyone out there, good luck! I'll get a few of my initial designs in solidworks up soon, make the place a bit more colorful, might whack a bit of my photography on as well, you never know, someone might see it, more than will if it stays lurking in the background of flickr anyway... I don't profess to be any good at designing, working solidworks, or photography, but its a bit less depressing if there's a chance someone might get something from some of it!

Thanks to anyone reading this,

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